Moulay Yacoub (hot springs) : 

Moulay Yacoub & Sidi Harazem  Moulay Yacoub & Sidi Harazem l Moulay Yacoub & Sidi Harazem Visite the hot springs of Moulay Yacoub. The springs of Moulay Yacoub are know for their healing powers. Located in a small, Berber village at the foothills of the Rif mountains Moulay Yacoub is a relaxing Spa excursion.
  Sidi Harazem (water source) Tour : 
The virtues of this hot water spring rich in magnesium were already known in the time of Léon the African, Arab geographer in the XVIth century. Nowadays, the benefits of these curative waters may be enjoyed in the comfort of modern spa facilities, giving you the opportunity of visiting the nearby white Koubba of Sidi Harazem.

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